RustRidge Ranch

Tosca and Charlie swimming in the pond Hi! I'm Tosca and this is my son Charlie. Welcome to our Web Site.

If you come with us we will show you what we have to offer on the ranch and perhaps we can entice you to plan a trip to visit us here at RustRidge. When you arrive at our B&B we will greet you and personally escort you around the premises. We will see you off each day as you leave to visit the Napa Valley. On your return to the ranch, all we ask is that you think of us and bring us back a bone (one for each of us).

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RustRidge Ranch is part of a 10,000 acre Spanish land grant named Rancho Catacoula that was granted to Colonel Joseph B. Chiles in 1844. This narrow valley with rolling hills and panoramic vistas is predominately a viticultural region and is commonly known as Chiles Valley.

The horses watching the dogs Charlie and I are quite lucky to live in this idyllic spot. RustRidge Ranch comprises 442 acres. About 55 acres are planted in grapes. We love to go out in the vineyard because there are so many wonderful scents. We also enjoy hiking in the hills where you never know what animals you will see. Rustridge is home to deer, rabbit, squirrel, fox, raccoon and bobcats, as well as over eighty species of birds, duck and wild turkey.

We raise thoroughbred racehorses here also. Every year in the Spring some foals are born. Charlie and I would love to make them our buddies but their mothers refuse to let us visit with them. When the foals grow up a bit, Jim starts to train them. They sure get feisty!!! My favorite horse is Catacula Cabernet. He is quite spirited.

Charlie and I spend a lot of time at the Jim with the dogs in the truck winery during harvest and other times of the year. Jim and Susan do all kinds of stuff with the grapes and lots of people come to help. The grapes taste very sweet and even the horses like to eat them. After the grapes ferment, I'm not that crazy about them anymore. The tasting room is open every day and Charlie and I greet each car as it arrives. We are extremely attentive when people bring a picnic lunch. Sometimes our cats join the picnic too.

The B&B is a fun place to hang out. It's a late 1930's ranch house that Jim & Susan have decorated Southwest style. We meet really nice people there that play with us. In the mornings and afternoons we take our guests on walks to visit the horses, over to the winery, up the trail to our swimming ponds and out in the vineyard. Although we are not allowed in the B&B, Charlie & I sit on the porch and see what everyone is doing. Susan always prepares a big breakfast which the guests really seem to enjoy. Sometimes the guests play tennis or relax in the jacuzzi. In the warm summer evenings they sit out on the deck and sip wine. When they come back from dinner we escort them down the driveway and sometimes we are rewarded with a "doggie bag."

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